5. Conclusion

Summary of findings
     In our findings, we have concluded that plants respond to directional change. The roots change relatively quickly towards the gravitational direction and this tells us that plants adapt to different situations.

Practical Applications
     This can help in finding out which direction that the root grows will affect how fast the plant germinates and grows, and we can use this application in third world countries so that we can solve their need for food as it shows which direction of gravity will plants grow faster in, so we can increase the number of seeds to use to grow even more plant and have for crops to let them have enough food to feed their population. This would help people gain more money and grow more crops/vegetation in a shorter time.

     Also, from another perspective, the hypothesis on the investigation of whether gravity will affect the growth of plants can be used if plants are to be sent into space. If gravity affects root growth direction, it may be possible for humans to let roots grow freely in space due to no gravity in space, thus possibly confirming that plants may be grown in space faster to save more time.

Areas for further study
     We can try to measure the rate that the stem grows and see whether we can use this application in real life to help third world countries to grow their crops more quickly.
      Also, another area we can expand into is to try experimenting with different plants that is most likely to grow in these certain countries.
      If this project were extended longer, we would make the project more large scale and use vases and harder-to-manage plants for the experiment. As the plants in other countries will not be simple-to-grow plants (e.g. green bean seeds, radish seeds) we will need to test different plants (e.g maize, potatoes) in order to simulate the realistic growing of plants.
      Another area to explore is to by artificial means make an attempt to move the auxin or control the amount of auxin in each part of the plant, ultimately resulting in the plant growing faster and thus allowing for more crops to be grown.

     Another way to go is to find ways to apply this process to the human body in order to try to make people grow taller via means of gravitational influence.

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